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 Fossil Q./task switching

Can someone tell me about function 16h of the (X00) fossil driver ?

Is it a dispatcher on its own, or does it only chain several routines
that will be executed until they're done ?

If it's not a dispatcher, can someone supply me with a tiny piece of
assembler code (real mode) that could dispatch several routines on
timer ? (the advantage is, that I know exactly what routines will run,
and what they need, so event-trappers etc. aren't necassary, it's just
that I have a little trouble with adressing it all (as long as the routines
are in the same segment, I can think of something myself. Unfortunately,
they are all in different segments...) Please
add comment to the code if you can.

Thanks in advance,

Michel van der Laan.

Sat, 29 Oct 1994 21:22:02 GMT  
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