Output from REXX directed to an ASSEMBLER prog 
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 Output from REXX directed to an ASSEMBLER prog

   I need to modify an ASSEMBLE program so that it will
read records output by a REXX program.  The REXX program
processes a file and outputs the results to screen, record
by record in a looping routine.  I need to trap each of
these records one by one in the ASSEMBLE program.
How can I do it?  Is the 'CONSOLE' CMS macro involved?
Or is there a way of passing contents of a REXX character variable
to the ASSEMBLE program?  (I'm on a VM/CMS HPO 5 machine)

   Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.

Heng Kek                              p/s I'm a beginner in ASSEMBLE.
National University of Singapore.

Mon, 01 Feb 1993 15:48:33 GMT  
 Output from REXX directed to an ASSEMBLER prog
Yes, you can trap Rexx outputs from Assemble program.
It's not good way to use Console spooler.
You have 3 way to access rexx outputs that;

  1) You can send this outputs like parameter to assembly
  2) You can send this outputs in rexx variable to assembly
  3) Write a Cms file after then read from assembly

3.th option slower than others.
2.nd option harder to use for beginners.
1.st option has a 2 kind of way;

  a) You can use Plist pointer (parameter list)
  b) You can use Eplist pointer (Extended parameter list)

If each words of output shorter than 8 char. I recommend option a.
But outputs are long and mixcase, you have to use Eplist.

I'll show a little example, It's easy way to learn.
I'll call our assembly the 'SAMPLE' and rexxy the 'SENDER'

   'SAMPLE 'output    /* you changed it instead of SAY output */

         LR    R10,R0          ; get address of eplist
         LM    R2,R3,4(,R10)   ; get start & end address of output
* now you have starting address of output string in Register 2 and
* ending address of output string in Register 3

You must assemble SAMPLE and MODULATE it.
ASSEMBLE sample # LOAD sample # GENMOD sample

Is it ok ? B-)
Take care bye...

X             Cem Turgay                                              L

C IBM 3090 VM/SP Hpo. Rel.5                                           S
L             I know that I don't know                                A

Mon, 01 Feb 1993 23:31:33 GMT  
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