370 X-Assembler 
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 370 X-Assembler

In the beginning, there was Don Huggins, and he came up with
this PC/370 programming tool. And it was good....... Sorry, couldn't

I'm not sure if it's been updated recently (within the past 5 years)
to ESA levels, but for 'generic' apps programming, it works very well!
For entry-level programming efforts (i.e., not real complicated) it's
pretty fast on a 233mhz P-II. Typical 'TSO' type transactions are
almost always sub-second...

Maybe the simtel site has something on it. Otherwise, wait for two
weeks and I can email it to you, if you like...

But if you want a professional development system, then you gotta
go with Tachyon software product...

(I believe subsequent post-replies have indicated web sites for
both of the above mentioned programs.)


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