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 MQ Series & CICS question


>   After an MQSeries call we need to determine the most recent call (e.g.
> CSQCPUT, CSQCGET, CSQCCONN, CSQCPUT1, etc...), like EIBFN.  Is there any
> elegent way to do this?  I'm stumped on this, does MVS keep a history of
> calls perhaps, something like that?

if its inside cics you can use the mqseries api exit csqcapx. it is described in
the mq manuals, thereis also a sample program provided. i have an enhanced
sample, which checks for mq calls,
traces data and returncodes. let me know if you are interested in that.
this exit does not exist in mvs batch, its a mq / cics only exit (mqseries level

no idea to your second question.



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