30-day evaluation version of ASMPUT now available 
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 30-day evaluation version of ASMPUT now available

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>The HLASM Toolkit Program Understanding Tool (ASMPUT) is ready to try.

>At http://www.*-*-*.com/
>you will find an evaluation version of ASMPUT. This version
>runs under Windows 95 and upward.

>The demonstration runs for 30 days after you install it - after then
>it won't run. Apart from this limitation, the version is identical to
>the product you can purchase as part of the Toolkit Feature.

>ASMPUT comes with sample ADATA files, or you can use it on your own
>files provided you are using R3 of HLASM - the README file has more
>details. The slide-show demo is also provided. This runs under any
>version of Windows from 3.1 up. It takes about five minutes to
>work through the slide show - it provides a basic outline of ASMPUT at

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