HELP ..Please? 
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 HELP ..Please?

Hi all!
I'm new to Assmebly programming.  I was wondering if someone can help me,
or send me SOMEWHERE to get a look at a sample program.
The problem is that in my school, they DO NOT have a book.  We rely on
the teacher's lecture.  It's fine, but tough!  So, all need is help with a
lab in which we read a sequential file, and print each record on an output
Position        Field           Data Type
1-2             Rec ID               C
4-10            First Name           C  
12-23           Last Name            C  
25-34           Phone #      C
36-39           Dept #                   C
40-80           Blank        

Phone # will be defined as AAAEEENNNN
Dept # will be defined as LLAA (LL-location, AA-Area)

I KNOW this sounds simple, but I can only relate to Pascal :(


Sat, 21 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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