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You may want to check the archives at WSMR.  to connect to it, you must
be able to use FTP.  i.e. FTP SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL  use ANONYMOUS as the userid
and anything you want as the password.   The directory you would want is

I have the exact info at home, so I cant give complete instructions at this
moment.  I am not sure the version there is the latest shareware version but
it probably is.

Likewise there are bitnet servers to connect to WSMR.(i.e. SIMTEL20).
I.e. you tell it the file you want (entire name plus directory paths needed)
and it will forward it to you.

for ftp users:  specify TYPE I before you do your GET. and TYPE A (default)
before listing the directories (DIR).

Simtel20 is a rather extensive archive system.  you can find DOS, CP/M, MAC, ..
.files there.  the original verion of PC370 was for cp/m I believe.

  - Henry -

Sun, 28 Mar 1993 23:14:07 GMT  
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