ADV: Some questions for C and HLASM developers for z/OS 
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 ADV: Some questions for C and HLASM developers for z/OS


As some of you already know, I am developing a commercial
C de{*filter*} for z/OS. I would like to know how you would
rate (1 thru 5) the relative importance of these features
(1 very important, 5 unimportant). Also feel free to offer
suggestions for other features.

These features are listed in no particular order:

1.  A Graphical User Interface (GUI) running on the PC,
using TCP/IP to communicate with the debuggee running on z/OS.

2.  Disassembling raw object code into assembly mnemonics.

3.  The GUI displaying HLASM assembly source statements with all
commentary and symbolic labels.

4.  The GUI displaying C source statements.

5.  Setting breakpoints on a running debuggee program via
point-and-click on the GUI source display. (There are also
keyboard equivalents for the breakpoint commands.)

6.  C source level "step into", "step over", "step out" commands,
also known as "single stepping". Use point-and-click or keyboard

6a. "Step into" runs the current source statement and steps into
any function calls, stopping at the next source statement.

6b. "Step over" runs the current source statement and stops at
the next source statement in the current function (letting any
function calls run full speed and return to the current function).

6c. "Step out" resumes the current function and stops when the
current function returns to its caller.

7.  GUI debugging of multi-threaded programs (i.e., multiple
TCB and SRB routines). (Yes, you can debug SRB routines at
the C source level.)

8.  Debugging cross memory mode, or supervisor state, or locally
locked (LOCAL lock or Cross Memory Local lock).

9.  Data modification (watchpoints) detection. When the de{*filter*}
detects that a specified data location is modified, the debuggee
is stopped.

10. The GUI displays current local variables, including the
nested symbols within structures, and follows pointers via

11. Support for 64-bit and 31-bit architecture.

12. Examining the stackframes (i.e., local variables) of the
calling functions.

The de{*filter*} is currently in local alpha-test and supports
the Systems/C compiler ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ). Other compiler
vendors may be supported in the future, depending on the market

Also, if you are a Systems/C customer and able to offer
alpha-test or beta-test, then I am interested in hearing
from you.

Please respond via e-mail.

Thank you.

Jeffrey D Smith (aka xarax)
Farsight Systems Corporation
LONGMONT, CO  80501-6906

Wed, 07 Dec 2005 06:33:52 GMT  
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