SPITBOL 360, a SNOBOL4 Compiler, Re-released Under GPL 
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 SPITBOL 360, a SNOBOL4 Compiler, Re-released Under GPL

What is SPITBOL 360?

SPITBOL 360 is an implementation of the SNOBOL4
programming language for use on IBM 360 compatible
computers. SPITBOL 360 was the first true compiler
for SNOBOL4 and is an incredibly clever work of
assembly language.

SPITBOL 360 was originally distributed under
license, for a fee, from 1971 until 1984 when it
was superseded by SPITBOL 370.

Effective November 2001, SPITBOL 360 will be
distributed under the General Public License (GPL),
for NO fee.

Why re-release a 30 year old compiler?

Here are three good reasons:

1. Preservation. SPITBOL was a great achievement
and it should be preserved.

2. Education. In the past people who had access to
the source read and learned from it. Now the source
will be available to all.

3. Utility. It still works! A new generation of
mainframe software users (e.g., Hercules users)
will find it useful.

Where do you get SPITBOL 360?



and click on the SPITBOL 360 link.


  Bob Goldberg

Sat, 01 May 2004 01:47:53 GMT  
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