Year 2000 IBM Asm370 Booming Job Market 
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 Year 2000 IBM Asm370 Booming Job Market

The going rate for IBM Assembler programmers has peaked $100K/yr.
If you are a Year 2000 project manager, programmer, or consultant
involved in planning, conversion or testing Year 2000 date fixes,
and especially if you are a specialist in IBM legacy Assembler,
you should make sure you have the following book in your library:


International Thomson Computer Press / Software Engineering Series

With over 500 pages and at a price of $44.95 this is the best bargain
on the topic of Year 2000 Solutions.  This book contains more in-depth
and information than comparable books selling for many times the price.
Year 2000 book with half the information in this book sells for $1,000 per
This is the only Year 2000 book with an attached CD of program samples and
product demos you need to solve Year 2000 problems in your own software.
Consider getting this book for your entire Y2K project team and

Contains all the best off-the-shelf solutions, in ten critical categories,
here is everything you need to help you identify the very best Year 2000
solution strategies for your own particular needs.

Use vendor tools, or design your own using examples in the book:
Accurately estimate time and cost of Year 2000 software changes
Assess risks to prioritize efforts and avoid loss and liability
Precisely scan to measure source code and software inventories
Reengineer programs even when the source code is missing
Convert source code using software factory generation solutions
Test changes quickly and efficiently using software lab methods

Detailed information on best methods and tools with analysis of:
Automated methods and technologies in ten Year 2000 categories
Costs of Year 2000 impacted by language and business factors
Year 2000 pilot projects using innovative technology and tools
Methods for value-added reuse of Year 2000 tools beyond 2000
Top-10 Year 2000 Tricks and Tips to cut your efforts in half
Project Manager checklists and flowcharts detailed by phase  

Also included in an accompanying CD-ROM:  Directories of over 200
of the best available tools, vendors and resources to support
Year 2000 efforts; Directory of Internet resources that support
Year 2000 projects; Sample spreadsheets for managing Software Lab
Test Factories; Executable source code examples to scan your
software portfolios, detect and analyze dates, and estimate the
time and effort to fix for Year 2000; Shareware useful to all
Year 2000 projects;  and Vendor product demos and slide-shows
for over 20 of the very Best-of-Class Year 2000 solutions.

Developed as part of the WORLD WIDE Y2K SOLUTIONS PROJECT of the
organization devoted to application of TQM to software factories.

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