ASMIDF and "moved" instructions. 
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 ASMIDF and "moved" instructions.

I'm starting with my first attempts at using ASMIDF,
it certainly is very nice debugging environment.

However, the program I'm trying to debug copies code
to a GETMAIN'd (below the line) area.

Later, it BALR's into that code.

When I'm single-stepping, ASMIDF gives me a
message that the offset isn't in the program's boundaries:

  ASMMAI025W Warning: Next instruction is outside of target program's boundaries

and doing either STMTSTEP or STEP runs the
program to completion.

I can set a break-point on the instruction after the
BALR which seems to work fine.

I can also set a break-point on the target offset, which
will stop there - for one instruction only - doing a STEP
runs the program to completion.

I've read through most of the manual, but, perhaps
I'm just not seeing what I need...

Is there an OPTION or a command that I can use
to get ASMIDF to consider this copied code as part
of the program, and thus single-step through it?
(This is version 2 of the toolkit, by the way...)

Has anyone had similar problems - if so, do you
have a nice solution?

    - Thanks -
  - Dave Rivers -


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Tue, 23 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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