System/370 Systems Person, Mountain View, CA 
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 System/370 Systems Person, Mountain View, CA

First let me apologize for cross-posting to these groups (
under separate post).  If you've tried to get these skills, you'ld understand.

Quintus Computer Systems, Inc. of Mountain View, CA has an immediate
opening for the following highly motivated individual:

        BSCS/BSCE and/or 5 years IBM mainframe systems experience
        with BOTH VM AND MVS.

        System internals of CMS or MVS such as DCSS, IUCV, SVCs, EXCP,
        or DAS will qualify you.  Assembler and MACRO coding is required.
        Our programming language is primarily C, although the right person
        may acquire this via OJT.  Familiarity with Unix(tm) and/or the
        Warren Abstract Machine are a definite plus.  Project management
        (Pert, Gantt) skills desirable.

        Assist in 'porting' a large application from a Unix environment
        to System/370, both MVS and VM, with reentrant attributes.
        You will be responsible for various design, code, and documentation,
        including submitting material to our tech-pubs department.
        Some technical support may be involved later.  This project has the
        highest visibility to upper management.

        Should be able to work by yourself as well as working with
        a team.  The pride of craftman-ship and professionalism you
        display has/will determine your growth.  The ability to adapt
        and broaden your horizons is central to your personality.

The Company:
        Quintus has recently been acquired by Intergraph in
        Huntsville, Alabama and is growing leader in our field.
        Our major product is a high quality, complete inference engine
        which runs on multiple hardware/software systems.  Work in-progress
        to be released this year will make a major contribution to
        embedded applications.

Quintus Computer Systems, an Intergraph Company, is an Equal Opportunity

Contact: You may send your resume', including a day time phone number
        where you may be reached, in STRICTEST CONFIDENCE to

        E-mail: sun!quintus!jbeard

        AND follow-up with US mail to our headquarters located at

          Quintus Computer Systems, Inc.
          1310 Villa Street
          Mountain View, CA, 94041

Opinions are the possession of the speaker and to assert otherwise is
Jeff Beard, Quintus Computer Systems, Inc.
e-mail ...!amdahl!sun!quintus!jbeard            phone  (415) 965-7700

Sat, 19 Sep 1992 01:28:45 GMT  
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