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In a message dated 03-04-97, Bob Halpern said to All about Re: Reserved Bits
 BH>But, as long as products that I work on require supporting hardware
BH>(and operating systems) that don't know a BAS from a hole in the
BH>wall, I have to use BALx family. Acutally, I am now working on a
BH>product that supports XA customers and will be dropping this too
BH>(I hope).

The last CPU that didn't support BAS & BASR was the IBM 4341 (and perhaps
Amdahl & NAS plug compats). The 4361 (I think), 4381 (I'm certain) and 303x
boxes all had it, as did the XA machines: 308x and early 3090's.

It was supported in MVS/370, provided the hardware was new enough (303x
worked just fine). All MVS/XA systems will support it, since it is essential
for sensible AMODE switching.

There should not be any reason to code a BAL or BALR these days, not even to
get the program mask (IPM).


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