Correction, correction... 
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 Correction, correction...

*Sigh* I already have to make a correction to the program chunk I just
sent.  It SHOULD read:

    MVC  STRING(256),BLANKS       blank out string to be xlated
    MVC  STRING(L'INPUT),INPUT    insert string to be checked
    TR   TRTAB(256),STRING        use the string as the translation table
    TRT  TRTAB(256),NONBLANK      find the first nonblank
    LA   R2,STRING+256            calculate where that is...
    SR   R2,R1                    ...and that address is in R2

Otherwise, the address in R2 points to some position in TRTAB, which
isn't what you wanted at all....
Sorry for the typo.


Mon, 19 Apr 1993 22:06:00 GMT  
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