Q: Free 370 Assembler? 
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 Q: Free 370 Assembler?

Anyone know of a free IBM/370 assembler available for Windows (not a time
trial demo).  I am scheduled to take an assembler class this fall and would
like to brush up on assembler (having only Z-80, 6502 and 80x86 experience
years ago).

Thanks for your help,

Troy S.

Wed, 28 Dec 2005 04:22:36 GMT  
 Q: Free 370 Assembler?


> Anyone know of a free IBM/370 assembler available for Windows (not a time
> trial demo).  I am scheduled to take an assembler class this fall and would
> like to brush up on assembler (having only Z-80, 6502 and 80x86 experience
> years ago).

> Thanks for your help,

> Troy S.

You can get a non-commercial license of Systems/ASM for Windows
for $12/yr...

See the web page below for more info.

        - Dave Rivers -


Get your mainframe programming tools at http://www.dignus.com

Wed, 28 Dec 2005 04:39:46 GMT  
 Q: Free 370 Assembler?
On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 15:22:36 -0500, "Panzers East"


>Anyone know of a free IBM/370 assembler available for Windows (not a time
>trial demo).  I am scheduled to take an assembler class this fall and would
>like to brush up on assembler (having only Z-80, 6502 and 80x86 experience
>years ago).

>Thanks for your help,

>Troy S.

google for "PC370 asm"

Arargh307 at [drop the 'http://www.' from ->] http://www.arargh.com
BCET Basic Compiler Page: http://www.arargh.com/basic/index.html

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 Q: Free 370 Assembler?

>Anyone know of a free IBM/370 assembler available for Windows (not a time
>trial demo).  I am scheduled to take an assembler class this fall and would
>like to brush up on assembler (having only Z-80, 6502 and 80x86 experience
>years ago).

[Also sent by email]

Search for "PC/370".  Be aware that it can NOT be registered any more (see
below), but the package is/was really terrific!  (I used it to teach /370
programming for several years!)

Between "cut here" lines is some correspondence from the author:

---------- cut here ---------- cut here ---------- cut here ----------

READ.ME PC/370 Release 4.2 Installation Guide

Copyright 1988 Donald S. Higgins

                                  Don Higgins
                                  6365 - 32 Avenue North
                                  St. Petersburg, Florida 33710
                                  January 5, 1988

PC/370 users:

Welcome to release 4.2 of the PC/370 cross assembler and emulator
package!  You are encouraged to copy and share this package with other
users on the condition that the package is not distributed in modified
form, and that no fee is charged.  If you find the PC/370 product
useful, send 45 dollars to the address above to register as a user and
to support continued shareware maintenance and enhancements.
Registered users will receive notices of future releases.  The product
is distributed on an as is basis with no implied warranties.  However,
requests for fixes and enhancements from registered users are given
priority for inclusion in future releases.  Currently planned future
enhancements are as follows:

  1.  Assembler H support with integrated macros.

  2.  Expanded memory support using protected mode on 80286/80386
      running under native OS/2.

  3.  Improved 370 emulation performance using additional math co-
      processor assists for packed decimal and native 80386 32 bit
      instructions.  (Note the current speed of the PC/370 emulator on
      a 16 MHZ 80386 is in the range of 25,000 IBM 370 instructions
      per second or 0.025 MIP's.)

The major features included since PC/370 release 3.2 are as follows:

  1.  Micro Focus COBOL/2 Extended Memory (XM) protected mode calls to
      PC/370 assembler subroutines are supported on 80286 and 80386
      systems.  XM supports up to 16MB of real memory usable by COBOL
      and PC/370 assembler subroutines.  See USER.DOC for more
      information.  This facility requires use of new resident option
      of emulator, and option B of linker to create BIN type module.

  2.  The following PC/370 supervisor calls have been added:

      a.  Svc 36 reloads program into specified area of memory.
      b.  Svc 37 defines user exits for supervisor calls.

  3.  The SPIE svc 14 has been enhanced to create program
      interruption element control block and to pass sufficient
      information to support transparent program check recovery.

  4.  At entry to main programs, register 1 now points to standard
      MVS parameter list address, which in turn points to half
      word parm length followed by EBCDIC parameters passed from
      MS-DOS command line.

  5.  An optional hardware assist for the CVB and CVD instructions
      is included which requires the 80x87 math co-processor and
      can speed up the instructions by up to a factor of 4 for
      large numbers.  The floating point option P controls whether
      the assist is activated when 80x87 is installed.

  6.  The L370 linkage editor now supports option U to allow
      unresolved references.

  7.  The emulator debug facility now has option to restore all
      trace points at any point during execution by repeated use
      of K command.  An optional version of emulator is also included
      with the name E370P42.EXE which does not include interactive
      debug or ASSIST facilities.  This version saves space, but
      should only be used with fully tested production programs.
      To use this version, make it resident by executing it.

  8.  The PC/370 emulator E370R42.EXE can now be made resident by
      simply executing it directly.  This eliminates the time required
      to load the emulator for each execution of a PC/370 assembler
      program.  In addition, a common system queue area (SQA) memory
      can be allocated in the resident emulator address space to be
      shared by assembler subroutines called from COBOL.  The size of
      the SQA is specified in hex paragraphs as the only parm.  The
      default is 10 hex or 256 byte SQA.  Assembler subroutines called
      from COBOL can now perform file I/O and dynamic memory
      management using the common SQA memory.

  9.  The 370 cross assembler A370.EXE now supports the COPY statement
      to include commonly used DSECT's, EQU's, or code.  Common copy
      files such as IHADCB.CPY for a DSECT of a DCB, EQUREGS.CPY for
      R0-R15, and EQUSVCS.CPY for equates for all of the PC/370
      supervisor calls are included.

 10.  The following fixes have been included:

      a.  CVB error when input field contained negative 0.
      b.  SRP error when second field contained more than 6 bit #.
      c.  Program check on executed instruction did not store
          correct address of next instruction following execute.
      d.  EBCDIC to ASCII translate table did not correctly handle > {
          and [ characters.
      e.  Text file with LRECL=1 caused incorrect record move.
      f.  Operand of ORG statement can now be CSECT or DSECT as
          well as relative symbol within CSECT or DSECT.
      g.  File open svc 1 now takes error exit for file not found and
          reg 0 and 1 now contain error code at entry to error exit
          (See LIB\SYNERROR.ALC for subroutine to decode errors).

For a brief description of changes in previous releases since 1981,
see DOC\HISTORY.DOC.  Thanks to Jacques Roy, a macro preprocessor
M370.COM (written in 370 assembler) has been included since PC/370
release 3.2 along with a set of MVS compatible macros including DCB,
etc.  If you use the macro preprocessor, register as a macro user and
support future enhancements, by sending a registration fee of $20. to:

        Jacques Roy
        XL Software Inc.
        1000 St-Jean Baptiste #120
        Quebec, Canada G2E-5G5

To install the PC/370 system on a hard disk and run the demo programs,
copy the file BAT\INSTALL.BAT to separate hard disk directory and
execute it.  INSTALL requires two parameters, the first is the drive
containing the distributed floppy disk and the second is the hard disk
drive.  Command C>INSTALL B C will install the system on hard disk C
reading files from drive B with prompts for each volume if more than
one.  The install file defines a root directory \R42 which contains
all of the executable programs and system files required by the PC/370
facilities.  The following sub-directories are also created:

  1.  \BAT  - contains batch files which can be executed without
              any parameters after setting current directory to

  2.  \LIB  - contains ALC source code for PC/370 system

  3.  \CPY  - contains CPY source code for ALC source COPY

  4.  \MAC  - contains MAC and MLC source code for macro pre-

  5.  \CBL  - contains CBL Micro Focus VS COBOL demo program source code
              along with demo PC/370 assembler subroutine source code.
NOTE:  Since the Micro Focus COBOL compiler is not shareware,
       I deleted the above sub-directory and its contents.  --MAC.

  6.  \DOC  - contains machine readable PC/370 documentation.  Read
              DOC\INTRO.DOC for PC/370 overview and more
              information on the other component of the package.

  7.  \DEMO - contains demo program ALC source code.

  8.  \UTIL - contains utility program ALC source code.

Hope you enjoy PC/370!  Feedback on your usage and/or
evaluation of the product is highly encouraged.


Don Higgins, CCP, CDP


IBM          - trademark of International Business Machines
COBOL/2, XM  - trademarks of Micro Focus Inc.
MS-DOS       - trademark of Microsoft

---------- cut here ---------- cut here ---------- cut here ----------

READ-ME.1ST PC/370 Distribution Rights

Copyright 1992 Myron A. Calhoun

                                  Myron A. Calhoun, Associate Professor
                                  Computer Science Department
                                  Nichols Hall, Room 234
                                  Kansas State University
                                  Manhattan, KS  66506
                                  24 August, 1992

This package was originally released as "shareware" by Donald S. Higgins;
see the [previous] file for complete details and installation instructions.

According to my own correspondence with Mr. Higgins, this is

  "the latest and last shareware version of PC/370 which is 4.2.
   Micro Focus Inc has since obtained the marketing rights and
   is marketing newer versions with a true mainframe compatible
   macro processor and OS/2 support etc. under the name MF/370.
   I no longer accept any registrations and you are free to use
   the PC/370 product and distribute it to your classes."

He also sent me a signed letter saying:

  "Per our correspondence, I'm confirming in writing that you are
   authorized to make copies and distribute version 4.2 of the PC/370
   assembler and emulator shareware package without any registration
   fee required.  The only restriction as indicated on the programs
   banner is that you not modify the program or charge more that (sic)
   a handling fee to cover distribution cost.



  "Donald S. Higgins"

In another document sent to me by Mr. Higgins is the paragraph:

  "Under the agreement with Micro Focus, the last shareware release of
  PC/370 is 4.2

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