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The 16 byte TCB token is found in the STCB and is called STCBTTKN.
TCBSTCB point to the STCB. The first 8 bytes are the ASSB token and the
last 4 bytes are the TCB address. The remaining 4 bytes I haven't
figured out yet (and may never).

The 8 byte module token returned by CSVQUERY is composed as follows:

The first 4 bytes are in the CDE extension for the module at label
CDX1SEQ (see the DSECT below). The second 2 bytes are the ASID. The last
2 bytes are the the rightmost 2 bytes of a 4 byte field in the CDE
extension hash table which I have decided to call CDXHKEY. The CDE
extension hash table is pointed to by STCBCDXH. The CDE extension stuff
comes from Gilbert St-Flour via SHOWMVS.

*                                                                     *
*        CDE Extension Hash Table And the CDE Extension               *
*                                                                     *
CDXH     DSECT                         CDE Extension Hash Table
         DS    CL8                     Control Block Id 'CDXHT 01'
CDXHCNT  DS    F'103'                  Nbr of entries
CDXHKEY  DS    XL4                     Used to build module token
CDXHFRST DS    A(CDX1)                 Head of chain
CDXHLAST DS    A(CDX1)                 End of chain
CDX1     DSECT                         CDE extension
CDX1NEXT DS    A                       Next entry
CDX1PREV DS    A                       Previous entry
         DS    CL4                     Control block Id 'CDX1'
CDX1NPTR DS    A(CDX1NAME)             Addr of entry point name
         DS    XL4
         DS    XL4
CDX1CDE  DS    A                       Ptr to CDE
         DS    XL4                     1C
         DS    XL4                     20
CDX1FLG4 DS    XL4                     24
CDX1PDSE EQU   X'80'                   Loaded from a PDSE
CDX1TTRN DS    XL4                     TTRN
CDX1DDNM DS    CL8                     DDNAME
CDX1SEQ  DS    XL4                     Sequence number
CDX1NAME DS    CL8                     Entry name
CDX1END  DS    0CL1                    End of the CDXE
CDX1_LEN EQU   CDX1END-CDX1            Length of the CDXE

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