Y2K (COBOL) weather report #2 
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 Y2K (COBOL) weather report #2

Y2K COBOL Mainframe Washington Post DC area Weather Report #2

Sunday, February 9, 1997, the Washington Post ran 20 pages of Computer
Help Wanteds.  Lots of variety, lots of jobs for PCs, Lans, AND Year
2000 mainframe jobs.   Most of the jobs were listed under Computer but
some are in the Engineering, Programmer, Professional sections.  Here
are the highlights:

Bell Atlantic - 1/3 page ad, COBOL II, TSO, DB2, JCL, IMS, email:

KLJ Associates - 1 inch ad, COBOL, Call Karen, (703) 759-6615

Search Consultants - 5 inches, COBOL $57K, Call Veronica, (410) 715-1137
(rate is a little low, tell Veronica that.)

Chubb Computer Services - 1/6th page, COBOL, DB2, MVS, P.O. Box 448,
Herndon, Va 20170. (Looks like they're staffing Y2K work.)

SRPAS, 2.5 inches, COBOL, mid-40s, P.O. Box 41068, Baltimore, MD
21203-4791.  (Too low! They been raided.)

AMI, 1 inch, Datacom/ideal, COBOL, Fax: (703) 356-1273

JDG, 3 inches, IT Director, $135K, Fax: (301) 762-3117

ProView, 1 inch, MVS Internals, Fax: (800) 494-3411

stock options)

1st Maryland Bankcorp, 1/12 page, COBOL, JCL, Fax: (410) 613-3277

Eagle Technology Group, 4 inches, COBOL Y2K, $1K-$3K signup bonus,

'insurance co. in Annapolis', 4 inches, COBOL, P.O. Box 1015,
Millersville, MD, 21108

CDI, 1.5 inches, MVS Internals, Fax: (703) 222-0704

APWU Health Plan, 2 inches, COBOL, low 40s, APWU, P.O. Box 13,
Burtonsville, MD 20866 (They've been raided and haven't figured out
what's going on.)

(They just won a contract from the Department of Education to handle
loan servicing.   These poor saps are trying to staff a multi-hundred
million dollar contract in the greatest programmer shortage the world
has ever seen.  Sock it to them.)

MSD help the US Internal Revenue Service collect your taxes

ULLICO, 1/15 page, COBOL JCL, Fax: (202) 962-8856. (They've been raided,
they're hurting, tell 'um you need LOTS of money!  If they don't pay
you, they'll have to pay ISSC or Andersen; better if you get the dough.)

Financial Technologies, COBOL, Fax: (703) 631-4394, (Programmers quit,
put on your mask, stick-um up!)

Access Enterprises, 1.5 inches, COBOL JCL, Fax: (703) 442-0351

Cable & Wireless, 1/15 page, COBOL JCL CICS, Fax: (703) 760-7901

There were a half million dollars worth of print ads in the paper,
lots of C/C++, Unix, Oracle, Web stuff, some Windows, OS/2, VMS,
something for everyone.  COBOL, MVS, Y2K is developing.

If you're a degreed programmer with more than 4 years experience in
ANYTHING, you should be earning at least $75,000.  

There were about a thousand separate ads, some listing dozens, hundreds
of openings.

If you're still on the fence, polish up your resume and send it on a
test drive BUT don't complain when the headhunters start calling you at
home, at work, in your car.

Cory Hamasaki  "I'm typing this for laughs."

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