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 FS/370 System/370 Emulator

                           Product Announcement
                                FS/370 (tm)
                        Fundamental Software, Inc.'s
             Open Systems Environment and System/370 Emulator

Fundamental Software, Inc. is a small software development firm that has
for three years been developing a product, FS/370, which fully emulates
an IBM System/370 and allows users to run unmodified IBM operating systems
in a 486/Pentium and UNIX environment.  There has recently been some
confusion on the net concerning our product; this posting is intended to
clarify those issues and to provide a brief summary of the product.
Full product literature is available from us - a noncommercial newsgroup
such as this is not the place for it.

This posting is Copyright (c) 1993 by Fundamental Software, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
It may be freely redistributed provided that no fee is charged for
its redistribution, and that it is not changed in any way.

                                       David M. MacMillan, Ph.D.
                                       Fundamental Software, Inc.

Fundamental Software, Inc. may be reached at:

Fundamental Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 14825
Fremont, CA  94539-1825
(510) 438-9229 (Primary number)
(313) 541-4328 (EST number)

I (David MacMillan) may usually be reached at the EST number, but
through November 24th will be at the primary (PST) number.

The form given above is a stopgap while the NIC processes our forms.)

If you are interested, we will send you an information packet containing
- a brief product overview
- a brief product specification
- a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document
- instruction timings (benchmarked)
- a comparison of various System/370 machines, past and present
We can send this to you either electronically or on paper, as you wish.

The first issue to address is that of Liberty Computers.
During a portion of 1993, Fundamental Software, Inc. had a
non-exclusive dealer agreement with Mr. Steven Adams, an individual
doing business as "B&T Interfaces."  We have since terminated that
agreement.  No copies of FS/370 were sold by Mr. Adams.  Mr. Adams
conducted at least a portion of his business through Liberty Computer,
a computer refurbishing company with which Mr. Adams had an
agreement.  Fundamental Software, Inc. never had an agreement
with Liberty Computer.  We regret the confusion that was caused
when Liberty Computer issued FS/370 product literature under
their name, and any inaccuracies that that literature may have

The following is excerpted from our product overview and specification

FS/370 enables you to maintain your investment in System/370 software
while expanding into UNIX-based workstations.  FS/370 provides an
"ultimate open system," allowing you to run your existing System/370
applications and operating systems in a networked UNIX environment.
At the core of FS/370 is a full-featured System/370 emulator running
on an economical 80486 or Pentium based platform.  FS/370 provides more
than just the "feel" of a mainframe environment - it allows you to run
IBM's System/370 operating systems and system software unmodified,
as well as your own System/370 applications.


FS/370 takes full advantage of UNIX's networking capabilities.
Jobs may be submitted via the network mail to unit record devices
such as card readers.  Output from jobs may be returned via mail.
Additionally, the TN3270 protocol is used to create interactive
3270 sessions over the network.


FS/370 performance observed on a 66MHz 80486 system is approximately
0.75 MIPS (this is 1.5 times the speed of an IBM 370/148 or 9375-40).
FS/370's performance is closely tied to processor speed, and will be
greater with a faster processor (such as the Pentium).

System/370 Operating Systems:

FS/370 runs IBM and other System/370 operating systems unmodified
in 370-mode.  We have tested under MVT, VS1, and VM/SP, and are
currently testing MVS 3.7 and VM/370. We intend soon to test MVS 3.8.
Additionally, we have tested a proprietary non-IBM operating system
at a customer's site.
Verification of compatibility with other IBM operating systems
will be forthcoming.

CPU Emulation:

FS/370 implements the System/370 Universal Instruction Set (the full
Commercial Instruction Set plus the Floating Point Instructions),
as well as the Extended Precision Floating Point Facility and all clocks
(TOD clock, CPU timer, clock comparator, and interval timer).
Other facilities include Translation, Branch and Save, 370 I/O,
Storage Keys, Move Inverse, Conditional Swapping,
Channel Indirect Data Addressing, and more.

Device Support:

   Emulated Devices
      CKD DASD     3330, 3340, 3350, 3375, 3380
      FBA DASD     3370, 3310, 9332, 9335
      Terminal     3270
                   2701 ASCII Telegraph Adapter, Type II (TWX)
      Tape         3420
      Printer      1403
      Punch/Reader 2540, 2501
      Console      1052, 3215

   Physical Devices
      9-Track Tape
      UNIX Cartridge Tape (e.g. QIC-40 and DAT (DDS))
      Third-party OEMI channel interface (available soon)


The license agreement for the TN3270 software requires that we state:

     This product includes software developed by the University of
     California, Berkeley and its contributors.

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