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 OS/390 CD collection-off topic

I've had that for about a year on a Windoz 95 workstation and was able
to access one of the most commonly used discs via a lan CD server(Banyon

Upgraded to Windoz NT last week(powers that be decided this) and found
that it works fine for discs in my own drive, but has some sort of
glitch with the one on Banyon. Hits a brick wall at the 8th shelf and
at the 8th book within each shelf. I suppose that may be the M$ way
of telling us to put the CD server directly under NT.

I can seen all the shelf codes and book codes when I use Windoz NT
Explorer. Clicking on the books opens them successfully, but that is not
much use if the shelf display option doesn't work.

I know these are available on IBM webservers, but the service level
and performance guarantees are worth every penny you pay for them:-)

Is there a DVD verison in the works? I find it a real pain having to
swap several discs in an out to do exhaustive searches to find out what
the current name for the old "VSAM Progammer's Guide" manual is. Trying
to find VSAM return codes was an interesting experience. Think it
turned up in a book called "Using Datasets".

I'm mainly an IMS DBA and the DB2 guy looked real surprised when I
promptly offered him my paper manuals after his DB2 set vanished during
our last move. Truth was I hadn't used the paper copies since the
CD collection arrived, just cut the SQL code etc. out of the display
window and paste it into BookManager Shelf search. Beats waiting for
HSM to recall an archived manual for the "online help" of DB2 Interactive.

Sun, 15 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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