1,500 Job Openings. Hey, That's Good! No, That's Bad! 
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 1,500 Job Openings. Hey, That's Good! No, That's Bad!

Don't listen to those stock analysts who are telling you to buy
the stock of companies which are expected to supply labor for the
Y2K effort.

You see, if a consulting firm has 1,500 job openings, as was reported
on the Internet, you can be assured that its competitor across the
street has a similar number of job openings.  Now, nobody is going
to educate himself in computer programming for a job that is
temporarily arising out of the Y2K crisis, so there will be no
increase in the supply of available programmers.  With this being
the case, what can you expect to see?

The first company will have to advertise heavily to stabilize its
staffing level after the competitor across the street raids its
labor pool.  Without this advertising, the first competitor would
see a net DECREASE of 1,500 in its head count NOT any increase.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent on advertising
just to remain stably in place.

There is yet another dimension to this to consider.  With employers
raiding each other, they will have to bid compensation rates upward.
This will mean smaller profit margins.   With smaller profit margins
and much higher advertising expenses you will see overall lower
profits or even losses.  Many smaller players in the market will
simply go out of business.  Look to the stock of the newspapers which
will profit on the advertising activity if you must look to anything.

The message to consulting firms is this:  "Not to worry.  There is
hope."  All that need be done is to minimize the impact of the Y2K
issue.  This can be accomplished easily by adopting the "Open and
Shut Window Technique" as the primary official Y2K solution.  This
will make your traumatic period of Y2K exposure as short and as
painless as possible.

The url of the "Open and Shut Window Technique is:

Dash Langan

Wed, 01 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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