More Assembler Training? 
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 More Assembler Training?


The two weeks of Assembler language class in January / February were a huge
success, and now we have another request. But we have only a small number of
prospective students right now.

If you or your company would be interested in training some folks in Assembler,
let me know (email, voice mail, letter, or I'll be at SHARE Wednesday and
Friday). Let me know how many students you might have and if you would be
interested in hosting the class.

The current requestor is in Seattle, but if someone has a larger number of
students and wants to host, we can change the location, and the requestor is OK
with that.

Details on the course content can be found on the website indicated in my
signature file.


Steve Comstock
Telephone: 303-393-8716

256-B S. Monaco Parkway
Denver, CO 80224

Sat, 11 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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