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 Contents of Listbox Cut-off

Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone can help with this problem.  I have a form which
allows a user to search for a customer using any part of the customer name.

the form contains a text box:     txtSearchString
a button:                                     cmdSearch
and a list box:                             lstSearchResults

The user enters some text into the text box, i.e."ABC", then clicks the
search button, and any customers with a name containing "ABC" are listed in
the list box.  The list box is populated by setting it's

*** The problem occurs when the user scrolls down the list box.  As long as
they keep their cursor pressed on the "down" scroll button, they will
continue right to the end of the list.  But, if they release the cursor,
then try to continue scrolling again, the list is cut off at the point they
stopped scrolling the first time.

To correct the problem, they must close the search form, then re-open it and
perform the search again.  It's not a hugh problem, but it's still
inconvenient.  Please help.


Tue, 03 May 2005 01:23:06 GMT  
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