Master shapes: control handles and glue points 
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 Master shapes: control handles and glue points


i implement Visio in a MFC program using automation. The program should
create an organization chart. Because the shapes are user-defined, they are
created at runtime by the MFC application. The default shapes for org.
charts aren't used! The problem is now to connect the shapes, after they
were dropped to the page. At the momemt i use a additional 1-D-shape, which
only contains a _normal_ line. This works, but the connections are direct
and not offsetted, as they should look if you use the connection tool.

When i tried to use the connection tool, i can't find anything about it. Can
anybody tell me, how to access the connection tool? VB code is also welcome.

I don't know if my way to create an own organization chart is the best one -
but it's the only one i know. In the MS Press book "Developing MS Visio
Solutions" i read something about control handles, but i didn't find enough
information to work with them. Are control handles the way, MS had created
their default shapes with?

Now some lines from the mentioned book, and a picture (as attachment)
referring to this text:

[Chapter 19, page 396]
Another method for gluing one object to another is to create a master with a
control handle that extends a line you can glue to another shape. As an
example, the following illustration contains a shape that has a control
handle that can be glued to another shape. The shape also has four named
connection points, locations to which other shapes can be glued. The cell
references you would use to glue these locations are shown in the following

If anybody can help me with hints, or code snippets in VB or VC, your reply
is very welcome.

Thanks to you and a nice weekend,

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Tue, 18 Oct 2005 23:27:55 GMT  
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