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Can anyone supply VBA code to duplicate the Shape Auto-Arrange command from
the Menu?


Fri, 28 Jan 2005 23:51:48 GMT  
 auto arrange
From an earlier thread.....

The Layout Shapes command simply sets some values in the Page's shape sheet
and calls the Page.Layout method. For example, to layout all the shapes on
the page as flow chart left-to-right, you take the following steps:

1. Set the RoutStyle cell in the Page Layout section of the Page sheet to 6
2. Set the PlaceStyle cell to 2 (visPLOPlaceLeftToRight)
3. Call Page.Layout()

You can experiment by opening the page sheet and watching the values in the
Page Layout section while you vary the options with the Layout Shapes
command. There are cells in the shapes that also affect layout, but you can
accomplish a lot by just varying the the cells in the page sheet. You might
also want to take a look at the documentation for the Layout mjethod in the
Visio Developer's Help file.

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> Can anyone supply vba code to duplicate the Shape Auto-Arrange command
> the Menu?

> Thanks,
> Eileen

Sat, 29 Jan 2005 01:30:40 GMT  
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