simple OLE problem - making Outlook appear 
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 simple OLE problem - making Outlook appear


I've worked with controlling Outlook 98 from VB 6.0 using OLE automation but
Outlook 98 has always been open.  I now need to open Outlook 98 from VB and
I know I'm missing ONE line of code somewhere on how to do this.  I have a
half dozen ole automation/vba books but I can't seem to find out how to OPEN
Outlook 98 and make it visible.  I know I'm opening it with the CreateObject
command but it runs in the background. I tried using "outlook1.visible =
true" (with outlook1 declared as an object, etc.) but after I declare
outlook1 as an object and then create it as an outlook application and set
another variable to a mapi session Outlook still runs in the background and
doesn't appear.  Anyone have any ideas as to what I'm missing?

If you can send any response to my personal email address below besides
posting it to this newsgroup it would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help!


Andrew Jones

Sun, 27 Jul 2003 09:37:28 GMT  
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