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 CAD - dgn files - 3D

Hi all,
I am looking to find a way to get visio to read in a
microstation file (*.dgn) and convert it to an AutoCad
file (*.dxf etc).  The problem that I have so far
encountered is that Visio only will export the file as a
2D object.  I have no idea if it has even imported it as a
3D object in the first place.

1. Can Visio read in 3D CAD documents as 3D
2. Assuming 1 is True, can Visio export the imported file
as 3D
3. Would it be possible to use the import routines that
Visio uses to write an App to do this without directly
using Visio
4. Assuming 3 is possible, How? and what would be the
appropriate dll's
5. Would this be better done (if at all possible) in C++?

Many questions I know, thanks in advance to those who


Mon, 20 Sep 2004 18:05:26 GMT  
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