Tranceferering data from Excel to Access 
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 Tranceferering data from Excel to Access

Hi everybody!

I hope some of you can help me with this situation:

I would like to transfer some data from Excel to Access.
The problem is that the data should be placed into the right record in the
To solve this problem the name of each excel document corresponds to a
specific record in the database.

for example

the excel document is called "101.xls"

now the record has a field (Number) which should have the value "101" when
the makro puts the data in the field(called result).
The values in the field "Number" are unique for each record i.e.. the only
exists once(It's the primary key).

The makro must perform this test, otherwise the result from Excel could be
but into the wrong record, and that would spoil my idea with my Excel/Access

Here is what I've managed to program until now:

Sub transferedata()

'get the value in Excel
x = Worksheets("Ark1").Range("C21").Value

'---------------Here the document name should be transformed into a
variable(called Excelname) without the ".xls" extension--------------

'Open access and open the right record
Set ObVar = CreateObject("Access.Application")
With ObVar
    'open document
    .OpencurrentDatabase "C:\my documents\db1.mdb"
    'open my eyes
    .Visible = True
    'open the form (which  has a Danish name!)
    .DoCmd.OpenForm ("Kalibrerings Foresp?rgsel")
    'get the right post using the variable from before
    'Docmd.GoToRecord Excelname

End with

'put the Data into the result field
Result  = x

'---------------Here the makro should update the Form or something so the
data is securely stored.----------------

.DoCmd.Save acForm, "Kalibrerings Foresp?rgsel"

End Sub

If you have questions of some kind, it would be great if you mailed me, but
I do check the NG so you don't have to.

med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Kristian M. Schneider
Gottorpvej 15
6400 s?nderborg

tlf. +45-74485006

Fri, 27 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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