VBA problem using RDO on WinXP or 2000 with Excel97 
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 VBA problem using RDO on WinXP or 2000 with Excel97

I get the error Activex Can't create object when using RDO
from Excel 97 on WindowsXP.

The error shows when first calling any method of the RDO

-I've already un-referenced and re-referenced the
-If Visual Studio is installed, the problem is resolved
but, because of a licensing problem, that solution is not
available to us.
-We've also ran the Mdac_typ.exe created using a project
that connects throw RDO. But the problem from VBA persists.
-If an VB application that uses RDO is installed, it works
perfect!. But, without un-installing it, our Excel fails.
-This same problem happend when using win2000.
-The Excel app. runing on Win95 works just fine.

Any one know if there is any incompatibility problem with
RDO, VBA and WinXP or Win2000???

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:20:29 GMT  
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