Making a Control invisible ! 
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 Making a Control invisible !

If this is a command button we're talking about, how's this...
your code should 1) read the value of the "drawing objects" check box under
tools|options when the doc (or is it a template you have?) opens, and assign
that value to a variable.  2) deselect the checkbox if it is not already.
Then it should not be visible under print preview or when printed.  At least
I know that is the case when done manually. 3) Restore the user's setting
when the doc closes by using the previously set variable.

> Yep...
> I have a control button in the header of a document,whose
> Click event loads and shows a form.I have put this control
> button in the header so that the user can access it from
> anywhere (in the document)....However I don't want this
> command button to be printed...or even to appear in the
> print preview(if possible).It must be visible to the user
> only on the Comp and not in the Printed document.
> Does anyone have any ideas comming up to do this.....
> Rani

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 12:23:39 GMT  
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