Dir() command 
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 Dir() command

I am using a Macro in Word. This is embedded in a
subroutine. The VB code is as follows
Dim testfile as varient, x as variable

testfile = Dir(filename(x , 2))

[testfile is empty, filename(x , 2)
is "c:\child\myfile.doc"
The file IS in the directory and I have changed the
arguement on the Filename(x, 2) but this sees the file
correctly. Is there something in the properties of the
Word document that I should change? The error says there
is no file found, (5174) but it is spelled correctly.
Thank you

Sun, 01 Jan 2006 04:43:56 GMT  
 Dir() command
Hi Bob,
2 represents "vbhidden".
Use 0 or vbnormal instead,
where it is assumed Your are using VBA, not VB.
Greetings from Bavaria, Germany
Helmut Weber

Sun, 01 Jan 2006 12:49:06 GMT  
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