Close current database problem 
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 Close current database problem

I have a secure front end/back end database with some code in the back
end to automatically open the front end.  I disabled the shift key in
both, but if I open the back end with shift held down, it opens the
front end ok but fails to close the back end.  In addition, I am able
to get at and edit the 'secure' code in the back end after this.

My code does not close access as I want the same instance to handle
the move.  If I don't press shift, it works perfectly.

I put the code to do this in the back end so that it wouldn't matter
which file the user opens, they will always get the front end.

What should I do to prevent the user from getting around the disabled
shift key this way?


Thu, 27 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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