Access 95 Problem Starting Program. 
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 Access 95 Problem Starting Program.

I recently had a major system crash which required me to reinstall of my
programs on the computer.  Upon reinstalling Office, I am having a problem
opening Access.  The error messges are as follows:

    Microsoft Access can't start the data access object (DAO) and so it
can't continue.
    Solution: Run setup to reintall Microsoft Access OK

    Click OK, Next message is as follows:

    Microsoft Access

    A system error occurred or there isn't enough memory to start Microsoft
Access.  Close unneeded programs     and try again. OK

I have removed Office and reinstalled a couple of times.  I get the same
error message each time.  All of the other Office programs work fine.

I am running an HP Pavilion 466 MHZ with 64 MB RAM and Windows 98.  Memory
is running 46% while I am connected to the Internet and is running about 65%
when I am unconnected.

Do I have a memory problem here or is there something wrong with the


Thu, 22 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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