Custom Menu in Visio 2002 
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 Custom Menu in Visio 2002

If I run the application that is created in Visio 2000, in
Visio 2002, custom menus are visible but not enabled.

Custom menus are created using UIObject and
= "ThisDocument.oDLL.oUserInterface.updateCustomProperties"

where thisdocument is visio document,
oDLL is a dll referenced in document's VBA,
oUserInterface is the dll referenced in oDLL,
UpdateCustomProperties is the public sub in
UserInterface dll.

This way of referecing (calling) is not working with Visio
2002.  Does anyone know, why it is not working.  or Why
microsoft is not looking at this situation.
It doesn't make any sense, if it works on Visio 2000 and
not in 2002.

Thanks and I appreciate your help.

Tue, 17 Aug 2004 00:01:51 GMT  
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