Linked OLE not updated, Why ? 
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 Linked OLE not updated, Why ?

1) I have an Bound Object Frame which links to .JPG file. Update Option
property is Automatic.
and update that image, save and close it.
3) I quit MS ACEESS and open it again, run my form, That image is not
4) But if I click on that image , the updated image will be displayed
5) Anyway, If I press <ESC> key, that image will not be updated. The
un-updated image is displayed again.

This make me very very confuse !!! ??? !!! :-(

I think that Link is just a link. Image should not be stored in my table.
But by above step, Look like it is embed.

What I want is so simple as Link should be, that is, When I update image,
That image is shown correctly in MS ACCESS without click on that image or
update it manually.

Have I done something wrong ???

Thanks for any helpppp,
Suntisuk lorkrilert.

Tue, 05 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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