URGENT help needed - Passing variables from MSIE to Word 
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 URGENT help needed - Passing variables from MSIE to Word


I have asked this before and I was told that is possible to pass so
achieve this (pass some data from an ordinary HTML form to a Microsoft
Word document) using, and here I quote:

>You could use VB Script to call Word using OLE and pass the variables
>that way.

Well, I really need more information on this. BTW,  the client doesn't
have any kind of webserver on his machine, and doesn't want one.

I konw that sounds like "Oh, he wants a magic solution" but I'm really
desperate seeking this and I simply can't find any kind of
informarion... Is this possible? Is it possib?e to do in a way that
the client doesn't need to install PWS, IIS or other kind of software
on his machine?

Please any help will be gratefully appreciated...

Thanks in advance,

Er Galv?o Abbott
  a.k.a. Lobo

Feel free to reply
my threads by mail,
but please post to
the group as well.

Fri, 03 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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