Help! Adding mass projects through macro 
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 Help! Adding mass projects through macro


We need to add approximately 400 projects with 26+ enterprise text, number
and date fields from an Excel spreadsheet to our Project Server 2002
installation.  Is there any way we can automate this task?  We have tried
creating macros but when Enterprise Field values are selected and changed,
the macro only lets you pop up a dialog box to manually change them.  There
does not appear to be a way to set Enterprise field values programatically.

Along the same topic, when a template is saved to the server, it requires
you to set the required enterprise field values.   Is there any way to work
around this?  We have customer name as a required enterprise field but we
don't want every template to have the same customer.

Any ideas?



Wed, 18 May 2005 07:30:30 GMT  
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