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 Com Addin?

Yes, that would be a good COM add-in application. See
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;resources to get you

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> Hi,

> I'm not really sure what com addins are but I think I have to create
> something like that.
> I created an application in VB. I have a folder in the public folders and
> under this main folder I have 10 calendar folders. Each folder represents
> laptop in my organization. Administrators can open my VB application and
> all the Calendars of all the laptops (using the ovctl control). They can
> search for an available laptop, add/delete laptops etc....
> For example, if an employee sends me a request for a laptop for next week,
> will open the VB application, search for a free calendar and set an
> appointment to this laptop and the requester.
> Now the problem - I need to set reminders for the appointments BUT I
> understood that there are no reminders for calendars in public folder. Is
> there a way I can create a com addin that will check each hour/few
> hours/once a day for the coming appointments and raise a msgbox with a
> notice about it?

> Thanks!

Wed, 20 Apr 2005 04:28:21 GMT  
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