Updating Datafieldvariable with(out) SQL 
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 Updating Datafieldvariable with(out) SQL

Hallo there,

I have a "little" problem with programming in Access97.
I have a Database with Softwarepackets and have to update userselected
They are stored in an Column "Kernpakete" in a Datafield ( 7, 11, 33, 33b,
35_K, 22, 3, 5, 8,..... etc.)
I can't get it to work with SQL (it says either nothing and selects nothing
or it fails with "few parameters 1 expected"
So I decided to use konventional programming instead. But I don't know, how
to access a single Datavariable from the field to change it  and update the
whole thing.
It fails with Error 13 Types not compatible!!
What am I missing? Or did I program stupid at all??
Thanx in advance very much!

here's the Code:
(its not yet finished (user selection etc.) First thing was to get the
access and update to work. perhaps with SQL?)

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Function Suchen_und_Ersetzen_Paket()
    Dim ws As Workspace
    Dim db As Database
    Dim rsHardware As Recordset
    Dim i, min, max As Long
    Dim dstr, Paket As String
    Dim refKernpaket() As Variant

    Paket = "33"
    dstr = "25"

   ' Set ws = DBEngine.Workspaces(0)
   ' Set db = ws.Databases(0)
   Set db = CurrentDb()
'Version 1 mit SQL    some not working versions  ;-(((((
   ' Set rsHardware = db.OpenRecordset _
        ("SELECT IP, Masch_Name, Kernpakete FROM RechnerName
WHERE(Kernpakete LIKE Paket)", dbOpenDynaset)
            '("SELECT * FROM RechnerName WHERE '" & Paket & "' IN
            '("SELECT * FROM RechnerName WHERE Kernpakete.Value LIKE '" &
Paket & "'")
            'datstring = rsHardware!Kernpakete.Value
    'With rsHardware
            '.Execute ("SELECT Kernpakete FROM rsHardware WHERE Paket IN

'Version 2 mit konventioneller Prog. langsame Version
    Set rsHardware = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT Kernpakete FROM RechnerName",
    With rsHardware
        Do Until .EOF
            If Not IsEmpty(!Kernpakete.Value) Then
                max = UBound(!Kernpakete.Value)            'HERE COMES THE
ERROR 13!!!
                min = LBound(!Kernpakete.Value)
                For i = min To max
                    refKernpaket(i) = !Kernpakete.Value(i)
                    If refKernpaket(i) = Paket Then refKernpaket(i) = dstr
                For i = min To max
                    !Kernpakete.Value(i) = refKernpaket(i)
           End If
    End With
End Function

Tue, 25 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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