Automation seems to hang with Access 97 / Word 97 
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 Automation seems to hang with Access 97 / Word 97

I am having a problem with an automated merge from Access 97 to Word 97.  I
have a filter form that allows the user to select a date range, as well as
which template they wish to use in their merge.  The VBA code takes the
selected document, creates a new document based on the template, opens the
data source via DDE (which is assigned via code & not stored in the
template), executes the merge, then attempts to close the document (without
saving changes).  I have only a few records in the tables, but it seem to
take far too long.   Upon closing of the form, it does not close the
automation completely and hangs.  Any suggestions?  I would include the
code, but it's quite lengthy.  Could the problem be that I am closing the
document too quickly, before the connection has had a chance to be resolved?

K. Hood

K. Hood

Sun, 03 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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