FrontPage VBA Macro help to eliminate URL 
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 FrontPage VBA Macro help to eliminate URL


I am using FrontPage 2000 to create an intranet. I am creating many of
the pages by cutting-and-pasting from other pages. The problem I am
having has to do with the hyperlinks present in the pages I have taken
from elsewhere.
I would like to create a macro to eliminate the URLs but I don't know
In the good old days, I would have used the macro recorder to do the
following after highlighting the word with the embedded URL:

1)Right click on the word if the spell checker finds it misspelled and
click ADD (many of these hyperlinks are from lists of technical and
scientific words, most of which are not in SpellCheck)

2)Right click on the hyperlinked word again, then click "Hyperlink
Properties " from the drop-down list

3) Highlight the URL (entire thing, including the http://")

4)Click on OK

How the hell do I do that in VBA: turn the hyperlinked word into a
regular-old plain word? I am currently doing it manually and it is
gettind old rather quickly as well as slowing me down.

Thanks for the help

Sun, 12 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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