Distributing MSWORD8.olb with VB6-Application? 
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 Distributing MSWORD8.olb with VB6-Application?

Hi there,

I've written an application which can export some data, start ms Word and
use the mailmerge functions in Word. Now I've got several questions:
 - When I install my program on a machine with office 2000 installed
(Installation is made with Installshield 2.x) and try to use the ms
mailmerge functionality in my program, I get an error saying:
"Run time error 458 - Variable uses an automation type not supported in
Visual Basic." My program then crashes.
In this installation I distribute msword8.olb. What am I doing wrong? And do
I have to distribute the msword8.olb?

I guess my real question is: How can I distribute my application?

Thanks very much!!!

Toine van Deursen
Applidata b.v.
The Netherlands

Sat, 18 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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