Missing Libraries Access 2002 vs. 2000 and 97 
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 Missing Libraries Access 2002 vs. 2000 and 97

I'm guessing that you have forms and code that runs within the MDB, and this
is where the problem lies.  There are some incompatibilities between the VBA
that runs behind Access 2000 and 97, and I'm guessing between 2000 and 2002.
One would be that DAO is the default data access technology used in 97,
whereas ADO is used in 2000.  Another difference would be the use of
enumerations and user defined types, which are not supported in 97.  The
first problem, regarding data access, can be fixed by using and referencing
a proper ADO library.  The latter cannot be fixed.

However, it seems to me that you do not need to have the end user run your
database from either 97/2000 versions as you have the developers toolkit.
The developers toolkit is designed to help you design and distribute Access
2002 databases (both front and back ends).  If you create a distribution
using the developers toolkit, and include the Access 2002 runtime that is
included in the toolkit, then it doesn't matter what version of Access a
person is running, as the 2002 runtime will be installed and used on their
machine.  The runtime version of Access 2002 is freely distributable by a
person owning the developers toolkit.

The developers toolkit for Access 2002 is not inherentily designed to help
you distribute applications to run on Access 97/2000.

Hope this helps

Michael Isaacs - MCP

> I've created an MDB in Access 2002 which runs fine when used in the 2002
> environment.  However, certain libraries are missing in Access 2000 and 97
> which prevent the db from running as fluidly (read: at all) as it does
> run through 2002.  Am I screwed because I'm referencing version 10.0
> libraries on machines running older versions of Access?  Is the
> toolkit nothing more than an application packaging and space optimizing
> untility, or will this help me to distribute an Access 2002 db to those
> 2000 and 97?

> Thanks,
> Robin

Sun, 05 Jun 2005 07:15:27 GMT  
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