will be on 3 weeks vacation 
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 will be on 3 weeks vacation

Hope your trip is enjoyable.  I always look to your posts as strong advice.
I think this newsgroup is lacking somewhat without your wisdom.

> Have a good one. The group will definitely miss you while you are gone.
> Ron

> > Hi guys

> > It has been a great experience participating in this news group. The
> > innovative enhancements that people have been trying to induce into
> Project
> > using VBA is really impressive.

> > I will be visiting India on vacation and will be returning to Atlanta
> after
> > 3 weeks and would not be able to participate in the discussions during
> > period (which I consider as my loss).

> > Regards
> > Venkata Krishna

Sun, 27 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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