emailing reports with subreports WITHOUT using sendObject 
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 emailing reports with subreports WITHOUT using sendObject

Dear Lists,

Sorry to insist, I'm just quite upset that microsoft seems to NOT be
offering a fix for the sendObject bug that makes access crash when there is
text passed to to the message body.  SendObject responds exactly to my needs
here, but I want to include a message in the email instead of sending a
blank email with an attachment.

Does anyone have code as concise and easy to use (or nearly) as sendObject,
that can include an access2K report that contains subReports?

the outlook object model is ok if you don't mind being married to outlook
AND not being able to attach reports easily (I haven't figured it out yet).

I've also had suggestions to use CDO but haven't found code examples that
correspond to my needs.

Any help would be appreciated.



Mon, 29 Sep 2003 00:53:54 GMT  
 emailing reports with subreports WITHOUT using sendObject

SendObject has numerous limitations including a message length limit of
255 characters, inability to send generic file attachments, and
messaging system compatibility limited to MAPI.  An alternative is to
use Access's OutputTo command to export your report to a file(s) in XLS,
RTF, Access Snapshot, TXT, or HTML format.  Then attach the exported
file to an E-mail message and send it (or read the report into the body
of the message if exported in TXT or HTML format).

Our IDSMail component makes this eacy to do, and IDSMail supports mail
systems based on SMTP/POP3 (Internet mail), MAPI, CDO (Microsoft), VIM
(Lotus), MHS (Novell), Banyan VINES, or Lotus Notes API.  For example:

Dim idsMail as Object
Set idsMail = CreateObject("IDSMailInterface32.Server")
idsMail.ObjectKey = "ABC123"
idsMail.MailSystem =IDSM_SYS_SMTP_POP
idsMail.SMTPServer = ""

idsMail.Subject = "Database Report"
idsMail.Message = "Attached is the database report you requested."
idsMail.AddAttachment "C:\Reports\MyReport.snp"

For more info on IDSMail, go to


Eric June
Intuitive Data Solutions

----- IDSMail - The Universal E-mail Component  --------
Send/Rcv E-mail *EASILY* through SMTP/POP, VIM,
MAPI, MHS, Banyan VINES, Active Messaging, & CDO:

Mon, 29 Sep 2003 02:08:12 GMT  
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