Word Automation Hangs 
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 Word Automation Hangs

I have a procedure in Access that opens Word and does a mailmerge. After all
records have been merged and printed it needs to go on to the next
recordset, to again do a mail merge and print.  I am using background
printing and have a statement to wait (loop...DoEvents) for background
printing to complete before going on the next recordset. Not really needed
but I wont to make sure the letters get printed prior to closing the Word
session. The problem is that first set of merged records does not print
immediately. It hangs...If I click on the printer icon in the task bar this
forces the documents to print and the procedure completes. If I do nothing
the procedure will take an unnecessarily long time to print.

Has anyone ran into this problem and or have a fix.

Thanks Marvel

Sat, 05 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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