Acc97: Turning off Cascading Deletes via program code 
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 Acc97: Turning off Cascading Deletes via program code

I have two tables defined in Access97 that are linked in a one to many
relationship. The "many" table is an ODBC connected table, while the
"one" table is an Access97 table. When displaying the Relationship
information, the area where you can control the cascading options is
greyed out.

Currently, if I delete a record from the "one" table, the
corresponding "many" table record is deleted also.

I need to be able to delete a record from the "one" table without
automatically deleting the matching "many" record. My form is a basic
datasheet view of a field from the "one" table and a field from the
"many" table. The delete is done by selecting the row and pressing the
Delete key.

Thanks for any assistance.
Denny Pasternak
FDC - Teleservices
Omaha, NE

Tue, 15 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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