Error 64508 When Using Linked Tables 
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 Error 64508 When Using Linked Tables

I am using the technique of splitting a database application into a
front-end and several "data" databases (one per "project"), and then
creating linked tables.  I then use the concept of "connecting" to one
of the "data" databases, by selecting the project from a pick list, and
then making that data only accessible through the front-end.

The problem I have encountered is when several people simultaneously try
to "connect" to the same project.  I cannot reproduce the error when
only 2 users are involved, but it seemed to be more consistent with
about 4 users.  The error involved had something to do with database
format not recognized for file ...\dataDB.mdb.

Does anyone know what could be up here ?  Thanks.

Rodney M. Gabriel

Tue, 07 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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