LEGAL C`A`B`L`E TV D`E-S`C`R`A`M`B`L`E`R 9618 
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 LEGAL C`A`B`L`E TV D`E-S`C`R`A`M`B`L`E`R 9618


Want to watch Sporting Events?--Movies?--Pay-Per-View??

*This is the Famous R-O Shack TV Descrambler
You can assemble it from Radio Shack parts for about $12 to $15.

We Send You:
1, E-Z To follow Assembly Instructions.
2. E-Z To read Original Drawings.
3. Total Parts List.

Something you can't do without.


Warning: You should not build a TV Descrambler without
reading this report first.

Frequently Asked Questions--CABLE TV DESCRAMBLER

Q: Will the descrambler work on Fiber, TCI, Jarrod
and satellite systems?
A: The answer is YES. In respect to satellite,
you just get more stuff! There is one exception:
The descrambler will not work with DSS satellite.

Q: Do I need a converter box?
A: This plan works with or without a converter box.
Specific instructions are included in the plans for each!
Q: Can the cable company detect that I have the descrambler?

A: No, the signal descrambles right at the box and does
not move back through the line!

Q: Do I have to alter my existing cable system,
television or VCR?
A: The answer is no!

Q: Does this work with my remote control?
A: The answer is yes. The descrambler is
manually controlled--but very easy to use!

Q: Can you email me the plans?
A: No the program comes with an easy to follow picture guide.

Q: Does this work everywhere across the country?
A: Yes, everywhere in the USA plus England,
Brazil, Canada and other countries!

Q: Is this deal guaranteed?
A: Yes, if you are unhappy for any reason we will refund your money.

Q: When I order, when will I get my package?
A: We mail out all orders within 24 hours of receiving them.

Q: How much does it cost to get the instruction
plans, the easy to follow diagram, and most
important of all the "Using a Descrambler LEGALLY Report".
A: You get the complete 6 page report and instruction package all for just--$10.00

Q: How do I order?
A: Fill out form below and send it, along
   with your $10.00 payment to:

Cabletron FREE-TV
12187 S. Orange Blossom Trail #116
Orlando Fl 32837

(Cash, Check or Money Order.)

(Florida residents include 7% Florida State Sales Tax)

(All orders outside the U.S.A. add $5.00)





E-MAIl ADDRESS____________________________________________

We are NOT ASSOCIATED in any way with RADIO SHACK.
Neither the design nor instructions were developed
by, are sold by, or are endorsed by Radio Shack.
Parts for this fine-tuning device are available
at many electronics stores (including Radio Shack)
This is not a Radio Shack product.

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