ACC97: GPF on Application.Quit (and shutdown problem)... 
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 ACC97: GPF on Application.Quit (and shutdown problem)...

Wondering whether anyone else has experienced occasional GPFs following
Application.Quit calls?

I call Application.Quit from my own Shutdown() routine.  In this routine
I've tried being as complete as possible - cleared all module-level and
global variables, closed all forms, reset all the toolbars, did a
dbEngine.Idle, a couple of DoEvents for good measure, but I still
occasionally get this (with both the full and runtime versions of Access
97).  I've never gotten it by closing Access via the close button in the
upper-right of the MDI frame, only when calling Application.Quit via my
ShutDown() routine (from a form button or my File/Exit menu item).  BTW,
modifying the parameter to Application.Quit doesn't seem to help.

It's tough to deal with because it doesn't happen everytime.  It doesn't
appear to be related to any of my application's activities, as I can get it
by exiting immediately after my database is opened (it auto-loads a
splash-style form which executes a Startup() routine which verifies some
things about the database and then displays another form).  But I don't get
it everytime, and I don't seem to get it more than once.  In other words,
once it happens, it never happens again until I reboot the PC.

Also, it happens in an odd way.  Immediately following the Application.Quit
call, Access minimizes itself, then, just as it disappears from the Start
Menu bar, the GPF window appears.  Is this minimizing behavior related to
the shutdown problem I've read about here and have personally experienced,
whereby Access won't quit but instead only minimizes itself?

I've searched the MS KnowledgeBase with no luck.

I've reproduced it on Win95 (OEM 2) and NT (v4.0 SP 3) PCs.  I'm using the
latest Access 97 system, with all patches and updates (including a recent
update to JET 3.51).

Any help (or confirmation of this behavior) would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Tue, 12 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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