Compatibility EXCEL9.OLB and EXCEL8.OLB 
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 Compatibility EXCEL9.OLB and EXCEL8.OLB

I've created an application which can be activated from excel (pressing a
button in Excel activates a macro which does a create.object of a VB
application which uses the Excel9.olb).

The problem is that this application has to run on several OS (from win98 to
WinXP) and two Office (97 and 2000).
When I have compiled the application with the Excel9.olb it does not run on
a off97 machine and when I compile it with the Excel8.olb it does not run on
an off2000 machine (and this is only one example).

Is there a way to solve these kind of problems (I have the strange feeling
it is not only the Excel8 or 9.olb which is causing the problem but it looks
like some other components have the same compatiblity problem).

In short, how can I create a VB/VBA application which runs on all my

Thanks, Mike

Sat, 26 Feb 2005 15:27:56 GMT  
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